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Having a plan is great, but carrying it out is how law firms succeed.

So far, we outlined how we Listen, Research, Strategize, and Plan your marketing agenda with precision and purpose. All this legwork leads us to the exciting stage of Execution and Part 5 of the Postali Way.

Do Work That Delivers

Whether your firm is launching a new website or focusing on technical marketing objectives, like SEO or PPC, we get creative and do the work.

With your tailored marketing plan, we’ll design and develop all the necessary assets. This may involve vibrant logos and branded images, engaging ads across social media, or compelling blog articles. But no matter the deliverables, our work enhances user experience and hits clear goals.

We customize our efforts to develop and reflect your firm’s identity, so nothing feels forced. We do this with natural visual elements and other best – practices that direct the client’s journey.

At Postali our work is more than appealing. It also solves your clients’ problems.

We Execute Projects that:

  • Attract your target audience
  • Engage users to want to learn more
  • Provides value to your clients
  • Convert interested parties into real leads

Ensure Quality & Collaborate

Check, double-check, get input, then check it again.

No matter the project, before we deliver a final product, rest assured that it has been thoroughly tested and reviewed. Our approval process is divided into two categories: Technical and Visual.


Marketing strategies are shifting more and more towards having technical aspects and often include aspects of web design, PPC, and SEO. Think of this as functional marketing where action is taken. So, proper testing is imperative.

There are a slew of backend components to consider. Does your “thank you page” populate when a contact submission is made? Is your Google Analytics account accurately tracking goals and conversions? Are the social icons on your website leading to the proper channels?

Postali adheres to a detailed checklist to ensure things work. We work within a “staging” outlet to analyze, test, and make changes without interrupting the live experience. Only once we confirm every function is properly triggering, will your project go live.


While technical factors may be the root of your marketing plan, visual content is the garden. Visual elements attract the eye and intrigue the client with services that include photo and video production, direct mailers, and website layout.

Compelling imagery earns a second glance. That’s why we give yours a second look in-house, and a third, and likely a fourth. Your content needs to be grammatically correct, true to your brand, and convey the professionalism potential clients expect. After several of our quality checks, you can bet your project is ready.

Deploy & Go Live

The big push!

Prior to deploying your marketing plan, you’ll get the opportunity to review our work and either approve our momentum or voice any concerns. As we mentioned in other blogs, Postali isn’t just an agency, we are an extension of your firm, which makes you part of the process.

We have a well-defined project schedule with time allotted for client review, as well as clearly defined roles, deadlines, expectations, and regular benchmarks.

A methodical deployment includes:

  • Launching at the optimal time
  • Ensuring we are on standby for any glitches or complications
  • Tracking and analytic components are in place
  • Targeting is honed in on the right prospects

Post-Execution: We Keep Going

We often suggest implementing A/B testing in the deployment stage. This allows us to better understand what your clients are engaging with, and what messaging is motivating them. For example, we may run two different pay per click ads on Google and swap out one variable, like the featured headline.

We can then Analyze (coming next in Part 6 of The Postali Way), which performed better.

Are you ready to Execute a marketing strategy that puts a spotlight on your firm and increase your client list? Contact Postali today to get started.


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