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For the attorneys we’ve been working with for years, if you’ve visited our site during the past few months, you’ve been greeted by our beautiful construction page. is officially launched, which brings a new level of transparency to lawyers about what is possible in the areas where they practice, as well as knowing what to expect for costs and level of success for their marketing investment. Lawyers can now click on their state using our interactive map, then into their specific county and drill in to what’s possible for their criminal, traffic or debtor related practice areas. Even though actual results will always vary by season, market area and demographic makeup, this browsing ability helps take the guess work out of what’s possible with lawyer to defendant direct mail.

Our pricing is setup in such a way that makes it affordable for a small solo practitioner who is just getting started or someone more established who can start with a higher case volume. In all plans, nothing is left on the table that is necessary for a lawyer’s success.

Finally, we’ve been providing other services for lawyers that have never been highlighted on our website. Postali provides interactive website design and management services, voice service (24/7 call answering and tracking), service of legal process, judgment recovery, and credit card processing.

We hope you find the new site refreshing and useful.  Welcome to Postali.


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