Based out of Atlanta, Georgia, The Champion Firm is a personal injury law firm founded by Darl Champion Jr. As a local personal injury firm, they wanted to present themselves as experienced attorneys without coming off as pretentious. Their site offers a modern approach to the customer journey and functions as an extension of their firm.

The Process

The intention of the overall brand is to make users feel a sense of comfort as soon as they land on the site. This positioning trickles down into every aspect of the site—from the copy to the aesthetic. The content is very consumer-friendly and naturally guides users throughout the site.

As far as design goes, we wanted to make it crisp, minimalistic, and driven by the client’s unique imagery. These elements give users a memorable experience they can walk away with—and this has proved true given that the site snagged Lawyerist’s award for Best Law Firm Websites of 2022.


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