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Would you ever walk into a courtroom without a plan? Neither would we.

So far, in The Postali Way, we explained how we listen, research, and strategize based on your objectives. But, just like appearing before a judge or jury, meticulous planning makes all the difference in the rulings and results you see.

Read Part 4 of The Postali Way, and learn how we create a Plan of Action and deploy it through clear processes, collaboration, and communication.

Phase 1: Define the Scope

With a clear picture of where you want your firm to go, Postali draws the map. We’ll consider your immediate needs, internal firm resources, long-term objectives, and budget before making a decision on the best marketing tactics to implement.

Postali helps firms determine which options are available, necessary, and what makes sense for the highest ROI. We work with law firms of all kinds, and take pride in delivering the most value possible with your investment.

Identify Short vs Long-Term Projects

In any game plan we develop, there are likely going to be tasks classified as immediate action items, and others with a protracted timeframe. Efforts like a comprehensive SEO strategy and custom web design demand a significant time commitment, while direct mail campaigns and content production have an expedited turnaround.

The reasons for choosing between short-term and long-term projects or a mixture of initiatives depends on need, potential benefit, and the market as a whole. This can feel overwhelming, but Postali makes these decisions as painless and data-driven as possible.

In phase one of our planning process, we map out all of your long and short-term options, weigh their advantages, and classify them by significance. This gives everyone a realistic timeline of deliverables, so we concentrate on the right things and ensure proper execution from the start.

Phase 2: Build the Team & Assign Resources

Once we know what gets you where you need to go, Postali assembles the team to make it happen.

We are an elite tribe with a unique legal industry acumen and a proven record of success. Our web team has been recognized year after year, recently landing three spots in the Lawyerist 2019 Best Law Firm Websites. And while a lot of marketing firms boast SEO certification, our SEO Director, Dan Foland, has the distinction of being a Google My Business Gold Product Expert.

As your plan takes form, we will identify the best thought-leaders in our ranks to ensure you reach your goals. Whether it’s our writers crafting content that frames you as the authority in the cases you want or designers building a visually stunning and engaging website, Postali’s specialists are your firm’s go-to resources.

Our clients often come to view the Postali team as an extension of their own firm. You will not only communicate with your dedicated account manager, but you will also have regular interaction with the creative experts making your legal marketing plan a reality.

Develop a Course of Action

We love it when a plan comes together! What’s next is your personalized marketing team’s internal roadmap to reach the end goal. This comes complete with allocated tasks, frequent check-ins, and evaluations along the way.

Our cultivated project outline includes:

  • Individual project details
  • Due dates
  • Assigned team members
  • Sequence of events

Collaboration is Key

Internal communication at Postali is constant. We utilize digital project management tools to set deadlines, share thoughts, document the status of work, and keep track of deliverables. While these management tools are a pivotal part of our success, Postali thrives on working together.

The technology and tools we use keep us on task, but we keep each other accountable and professionally challenged.

Phase 3: Plan for the Unexpected

While we always strive to develop a flawless plan every time, we understand that curveballs get thrown and sometimes plans need to change. With our experience and comfort adjusting, Postali keeps firms prepared and ready to adapt.

Backup Plans & Forward Progress

A lot goes into achieving your goals, so there are bound to some missteps. But fear, not – Postali is prepared for that too.

Perhaps we have a meeting set to review your new website layout, but you are pulled into a last-minute deposition. Rather than postpone, we’ll continue drafting concepts and researching competitors, so we have everything in place to move the needle. Maybe your goal is to understand website traffic, but Google Analytics data isn’t available yet. Our developers can access your website and get you on your way to obtaining precise metrics.

We will never come to you with our hands up in defeat. Part of our strategy is to have a solid backup plan should we hit a barricade. At Postali, lawyers get marketing solutions, so they can focus on their clients.

Your Firm Needs a Better Plan.

Attorneys understand the importance of process and procedure. At Postali it’s in our DNA.

If you are ready for an agency that leaves no stone unturned when planning for continued growth and success, contact our team today!

Be sure to continue along with our series. In Part 5 of The Postali Way, you’ll learn what a properly executed marketing plan looks like.


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