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Strategize for Success - The Postali Way Part 3
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From part one and two of the Postali Way, we detailed what goes into understanding your practice and what sets it apart . But how do you share your message with prospective clients?

In Part 3, we show you the tools and explain how to Strategize a law firm the right way.

With Postali’s blueprint and extensive marketing toolbox, you can choose what works for your firm and maximize your ROI. This all starts with prioritizing and deciding what success looks like to you.

Weigh Your Options

Like every client, each attorney’s practice is unique. What works for a big-market personal injury firm won’t make sense for solo practitioner defense lawyer in a smaller market.

Let’s look at the services we offer and who would benefit the most.

Service: Web Design

Who Benefits? Firms with outdated or no website at all

Your website is your number one marketer and salesperson. It’s open 24-7 and delivers a wealth of information to potential clients before you know they exist.

Rather than relying on tired and overused templates, our web developers customize each website with your firm’s specific goals in mind.

By producing visually appealing, one-of-a-kind sites with lead generation considered at every step you capture more eyeballs and keep them interested longer. This practice converts more often and with online-chat features, distinct calls-to-action, and properly placed lead forms, your firm is already more engaging and helpful than other sites. This lead to increased inquires, calls, and hopefully clients.

Service: SEO

Who Benefits? Attorneys who want a larger digital presence and more leads from organic search

Gone are the days of opening the Yellow Pages and flipping to attorneys section.

Consumers are simply savvier when it comes to picking a lawyer nowadays. They are more likely to research their legal issue first, and then decide on the best attorney.

Our SEO efforts weave the keywords and phrases your potential clients are searching for into your website, and, in turn, increase your search ranking results. By answering the questions they are asking and providing value before they pick up the phone, your firm is building a relationship with consumers and satisfying what Google considered applicable content.

In addition, a local SEO strategy increases exposure to clients in your direct geographical market, and results in more calls and qualified leads.

Service: Content- Written and Visual

Who Benefit? Lawyers who need help telling their story

While you may know your firm is the best option for a particular case or client, how do you communicate that fact? Effective storytelling broadcasts who you are, and what you have to offer.

A picture says a thousand words, but we don’t stop there. Our creative team produces high-quality videos that convey your passion, digital photographs that portray professionalism, and compelling copy that convinces readers that your firm is the clear choice.

In a competitive space, capturing the user’s attention is vital. And what better way to do so than with fresh, relevant content that speaks with your firm’s voice?

Service: Direct Mail

Who Benefits? Firms with criminal defense, personal injury or bankruptcy practices, who want quick results

Print is not dead!

Postali has been executing direct mail campaigns since 2009, and continue to see rapid return on investment (ROI) with this effort. We understand how to target specific audiences and regions apt to convert.

We craft stunning mailers, pin-point where delivery, and implement reliable tracking to see the results of your efforts. Direct mail can be a great stand-alone tactic or a beneficial addition to other marketing channels.

Service: Paid Advertising

Who Benefit? Law firms with an organic strategy looking to up the ante

While any law firm can launch a paid advertising campaign, we suggest having certain aspects in place first. This means you have a user-friendly website, an effective SEO strategy, and content to back it up.

Our Google Ads certified staff members and social media experts optimize your spend and get the right messaging in front of the right lead at the right time. We will work with your budget and continuously monitor ad performance on Google and/or Facebook, so you get the most for your ad dollars.

Service: PR & Media

Who Benefits? Attorneys who want to be viewed as leaders in their practice areas and community.

While a public relations strategy may not bring an immediate ROI, appearing on news segments or submitting a quote for a feature article does leave a lasting impression. We look at PR as a direct pipeline to position your firm as part of the community, and your attorneys as experts in the field. This ingratiates you in the consumers’ minds, and when/if they should need your services, you’ve already won them over.

Develop a Timeline

All of these marketing options can seem overwhelming, but our team lives and breathes them every day. We will coach you on which will be the most beneficial to your firm, and strategize how we apply those efforts.

Once we establish your goals and which tools to use, we’ll develop a detailed timeline of deliverables. You can expect a clear outline of our processes and when they will be put into action. Our timeline sets deadlines and allots for potential delays along the way, all the while keeping our agency and your firm on the same page.

Communicate & Execute the Strategy

Working with the right team is paramount to seeing results. From the designers to writers and SEO specialists, Postali takes a lot of pride in building custom strategies for every firm. We constantly monitor project status, collaborate efforts, and communicate so every initiative is executed properly.

Afterall, a comprehensive strategy is what distinguishes a marketing attempt from a marketing success. Look for Part 4 of The Postali Way and learn how a clear plan moves your firm forward.

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