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Choosing a marketing agency for your law practice can feel overwhelming. With so many companies claiming to be the best, how do you determine which is going to elevate your firm and effectively attract new clients?

At Postali, our vision and record of success for our clients are what sets us apart. To show you the clear difference and value we offer, we are presenting a seven-part series: The Postali Way. Join us as we take you on our client’s journey and learn some key components to legal marketing, proven to increase leads and build solid growth.

And it all starts with listening.

“The most basic of all human needs is to understand and be understood. The best way to understand people is to listen to them.”
– Listening Legend, Dr. Ralph Nichols

Have you ever held a conversation with someone and noticed their eyes shifting and body fidgeting? The wheels are turning in their head, but chances are, they aren’t listening.

Maybe it’s a server taking your order and the next thing you know, the wrong dish to come out. Or a reasonable plea is presented to a judge, but you can immediately tell it won’t be entertained. No matter how large or trite the request, it is extremely frustrating to feel your words being brushed aside.

In today’s fast-paced, multitasking world, personal disconnect is a destructive side-effect. We realize the importance of understanding the needs, goals, and frustrations of our attorneys. That’s why “Listen” is the first step in The Postali Way.

What Makes The Postali Team Stellar Listeners?

The Art of Listening The Postali Way

We Speak Your Language

Legal marketing is all we do. Law firms need a unique approach to marketing and our industry-specific niche gives us invaluable insight. We know how to speak with attorneys, understand legal terminology, and are experts in attracting quality leads that are right for your area of practice.

We Have Longevity in the Field

Postali has thrived in the legal marketing space for over ten years. With this level of experience, we have seen the transformation of law firm marketing needs, and have been part of creating solutions along the way. We stay on top of legal trends and are well-versed in the pain points you face every day.

We Know How to Communicate

As an attorney, we understand you are busy. Our team is flexible and reliable when it comes to communication. Whether you prefer calls, video chat, email or text, our team takes pride in rapid response time and delivering to-the-point details.

Listening goes beyond the verbal, therefore we thoroughly read and analyze each of your requests as a top priority, in conjunction with the frequent conversations we have.

(Look for more details on Communication in Part 7 of this series)

We Learn From the Past

To create an effective marketing strategy, our team is dedicated to learning the history of the practices we serve. We want to know how your firm evolved, the type of clients you’ve worked with, your distinct areas of expertise, and the challenges and successes your team has faced along the way.

We also want to learn about your firm operations and find ways to support you from your intake process to staffing challenges, this is where our proficiency shines. We know what questions to ask and how to attentively listen to your story.

From a marketing perspective, Postali aims to collect any data that may be available. This can include details such as:

  • Social media traffic
  • Website metrics
  • Year over year revenue
  • Fluctuations in client base
  • Average duration of cases
  • Prior marketing efforts

By truly understanding your firm, Postali will dive deeper and learn more about where you want to go.

We Look To the Future

Without goals, how does one measure success? When you work with Postali, an army of marketing gurus are at your disposal to ensure you reach your professional goals.

Our team guides the process, but ultimately we want to know what success means to your firm. You will see an outline of S.M.A.R.T. goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely) that will be broken down into two categories: immediate and future.

Short Term Goals

We will work together to establish short-term, attainable goals which contribute to the broader vision of the firm. Maybe you want a Facebook account for brand awareness or blog to increase your organic reach. By listening and understanding the tangible results you desire, we can tackle the tasks at hand and deliver.

Long Term Vision

One of our favorite aspects about our job is getting to be part of something bigger. We know you didn’t become an attorney to be mediocre. You have a vision of what you want to exemplify and the people you want to serve.

A few examples of long term goals may be to rank in the top three search results on Google through SEO, or generate a 20% increase in this year’s revenue through business development. By having in-depth conversations and attentively listening, we’ll create a strategy to make your vision a reality.


Postali is continuously working on new ways to understand our individual clients and attorney needs as a whole. We believe that a strong and collaborative relationship with your marketing agency provides a solid foundation to take your firm to the next level.

We look forward to continuing The Postali Way with our next blog highlighting the value of Research in Part 2 of this series.

Do you want an agency that listens? Our team is waiting to hear from you and provide the attention you deserve.


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