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Like millions of other people, I was a longtime fan of the TV show Mad Men, which recently ended an 8-year run with one of the most iconic pieces of marketing of all time — Coke’s “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing” ad from the early 1970s.

For me, part of the fun of watching the show was seeing the way pitchman Don Draper would find a powerful and emotional story in a simple product. One of the most memorable moments on the show was when he told the story of “the Carousel” — a Kodak slide projector that Draper described as a time machine that “takes us to a place where we ache to go again.” What was basically just a piece of metal and plastic took on almost mythical proportions in the hands of a master storyteller.

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Making Stories Memorable

Stories are a fundamental and profound part of the human experience. Stories are what connect us to each other as human beings. We have been storytellers for as long as we’ve had language. Our ancestors used stories to understand their world and their place in it. We still read some of those stories today — and keep finding new ways to tell them.

Because of the way we connect to stories on a deep, emotional level, stories can be a powerful tool for engaging with an audience and with potential clients. Every person who walks into a law firm has a story — and often one that is fraught with emotion. They’re facing the potential consequences of criminal charges, or the sadness of ending a once-happy marriage, or the daunting task of rebuilding their lives after suffering catastrophic injuries.

When someone is looking for a lawyer, of course they want someone who is a sharp legal eagle. But they also want someone who understands their experience and can anticipate and meet their needs. An important way that you can connect with potential clients facing legal trouble is through the use of narrative and story in the copy on your website.

Why Stories Inspire Action

When I write content for attorney websites, before I ever put a word on paper I think about the person who is ultimately going to read the page. I try to put myself into that person’s shoes and anticipate what that person might be feeling after having been through a traumatic car accident or charged with a crime. I think about that person’s story.

I also think about where that person’s story leads. I think about the possible outcomes of that person’s story. Then I think about how a lawyer fits into the story. All of that goes onto the page when I write legal content. Even a page about simple marijuana possession tells a story. For the defendant, it tells the story of where he or she is, where he or she might end up, and how a lawyer can help. They’re stories that have elements of conflict, danger, and hope.

We all connect to stories, even when we’re not overtly thinking in story terms. If your website tells a good story and shows that you understand the individual who needs legal help, chances are that individual will pick up the phone and call.

Stories aren’t only told with words. At Postali, we weave together text, photos, videos, and web design into a compelling narrative designed to help your practice grow. We’ll help you get seen by search engines, and also to create and boost your law firm’s brand. We’re eager to hear your story and to tell it to your potential clients. Contact us today at


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