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From building brand awareness to converting users, paid ads are fundamental to many successful marketing strategies. In particular, Google and Facebook ads have a lot to offer law firms; however, you should know the unique capabilities of each to ensure your money is well spent and you get the quality leads you’re looking for. 

The Benefit of Facebook Ads for Law Firms

Facebook ads are great for creating brand awareness because they get your firm’s name in front of a segmented audience. Obviously, firms with a strong Facebook presence fare better with ads than those who don’t, and we can help give you some pointers if that’s you.

Further, Facebook ads generally cater to consumers in the awareness stage of a buyer’s journey who passively browse their options. For example, a Facebook ad might be more effective for an audience considering a divorce more than someone who just got in a car accident.

A divorce might be something sitting in the back of someone’s mind at any given time. However, they might not be ready to take action quite yet. Seeing a Facebook ad for a divorce lawyer could be enough to convert a user. This is opposed to a car accident victim who’s more likely to perform a direct Google search for an attorney given the dire circumstances.

The Benefits of Google Ads for Your Firm

Where Facebook ads create demand, Google ads focus on meeting a consumer’s current need. Google ads allow you to bid for keywords with high search volume to appear at the top of Google’s search engine results page (SERP).

Since Google ads target specific keywords, they work best for consumers in a more active stage of the buyer’s journey. For example, personal injury victims require an immediate response that promises to satisfy their needs.

By proactively optimizing your ads for the correct terms, you could be there when a user needs you, and they’ll be more likely to choose you over a competitor.

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Other Considerations for Google & Facebook Ads

 Now that you understand the benefits of each, you should know the other ways Google ads and Facebook ads differ in terms of pricing structure, potential reach, and targeting capabilities.

Advertising Costs

For Google ads, you’ll only be charged when someone clicks on your ad. So, for the personal injury lawyers reading this, think, “You don’t owe us unless we win.” Your cost per click varies depending on the keywords you use.

The higher the demand for a particular keyword, the more it costs per click. By inputting your desired keywords, Google’s keyword planner tool could give you an idea of your cost per click amount.

With Facebook, you assign a budget for your ad campaign. The total cost of your campaign depends on how long you run your ad, how many people you want to reach, and other factors. You can pay as much or as little as you want.

Reach & Targeting

Facebook has sophisticated targeting capabilities beyond basic demographics, such as age, gender, or education. Facebook ads could target people based on their unique interests—from hiking to favorite movie genres.

So, the more you understand your audience, the better you can adjust your ad to attract potential clients. This siloed targeting approach also allows you to reach new people whose interests closely resemble those of your current ideal clients.

Google considerably broadens your horizon for potential reach. While Facebook targets a very narrow audience, Google ads give you access to the world of search and still offer some customized demographics.

Going after potential clients searching for keywords relevant to your firm’s services helps you attract quality leads that are more likely to convert.

Get the Best of Both Ad Types

 Google ads and Facebook ads each have merit; however, there’s no rule saying you can’t reap the benefits of both. They may even complement each other.

Pairing Facebook’s ability to target specific audiences with Google’s ability to capture those searching for relevant keywords, you end up with multiple poles in the water that nurture consumers at different stages in the buyer’s journey.

Entrenching yourself in one platform only limits your future opportunities. Besides, users rarely go through one touch point before making a purchase. They may see your ad on T.V., Facebook, and Google before they finally pick up the phone to call. That’s why adopting an omnichannel marketing strategy is best.

Capture & Convert Users with Postali

Every firm should take advantage of the benefits of paid ad campaigns. However, paid ads are more than setting a budget, picking some demographic information, and hitting launch. You need a partner who knows what levers to pull to get the most out of your ad campaigns.

Our full-service legal marketing agency offers several services that benefit your firm, including PPC ads, Web Design, SEO, Content Writing, PR and Media Relations, and Video and Photo Productions. Contact Postali today to learn more.


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