The Rules for Web Content: Know Your User & Stick to the Objective

Get the facts about webpage wordcounts as Jim explains how to prioritize your writing, so users don’t scroll right past it.

SEO Link Building: Quality Over Quantity

What’s a quality link and how do you get enough on your firm’s website to matter? Listen as Postali CEO, Jim Christy explains SEO link building and what links you should be going after.

Social Media Strategy: It’s a Marathon – Not a Race

Our CEO, Jim Christy explains why most law firms don’t utilize social media correctly and how to get it right.

Defining Web Content: More Than Just Words on a Page

Postali CEO, Jim Christy clarifies the popular marketing phrase because even great content needs a little help.

Marketing Your Law Firm with Jim Christy

Postali CEO Jim Christy appeared at NextChapter’s virtual Bankruptcy Week conference and talks about all things legal marketing.

The Gist with Jim Christy: Virtual Offices

Get the Gist on Virtual Law Offices

Jim breaks down the pros and cons of virtual law offices, and the impact on local search.


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