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Dan Foland quoted in an article on Databox about SEO Strategy

In a recent article posted on, Dan Foland, SEO Director at Postali, was quoted in an article titled “ Avoid These 38 SEO Fails to Increase Your Chances of Ranking.”

Dan shared his experience with testing and changing strategies too often and emphasized that doing this doesn’t provide enough time to see what worked versus what didn’t.

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Dan Foland quoted in Bright Local about the future of Local Search in 2020

Dan Foland, SEO Director at Postali, was quoted in a post published in Bright Local titled, “The Future of Local Search: 20+ Predictions for 2020”

The article details what top experts in local expect for the year ahead. According to Dan, “It’s clear that Google is starting to focus more on monetizing local search and GMB.” Other experts agreed and shared more recommendations to increase brand visibility in local search results.

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Kate Collins participates in panel at the Wrike Collaborate 2020 Conference

Kate Collins, Postali’s Digital Project Manager presented on October 21 at the Virtual Collaborate 2020 Conference..

The segment was entitled, “Marketing Creatives Customer Panel: Tighten Corners, Don’t Cut Them: How Automation Results in a Productivity Transformation” and was followed by live Q&A.

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Katie Bradley quoted in an article on UpCity about using Market Research to Improve Your Business

Katie Bradley, Strategic Marketing Manager at Postali, was quoted in an article published in UpCity titled, “How to Use Market Research to Improve Your Business”

The article provides insights from marketing experts on the relevance of market research to company growth. Katie noted, “You have to have an understanding of how much share your competition has, what their brand presence and awareness looks like, how users connect and engage with their product or service, and how the company is interacting with their community. This will allow you to set realistic goals and expectations for your business, establishing benchmarks based on competitor performance.” She followed her statement with practical ways to analyze the market and identify gaps in your brand’s strategy.

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Jenna Saponaro quoted in Lattice articles about Performance Reviews

Jenna Saponaro, Postali’s Chief of Staff, was quoted in a story published in Lattice titled, “ How to Mitigate Recency Bias in Performance Reviews.”

In the article, Jenna advises employees to “write down as much as possible – both positive and negative things” because it “can help make a case for why you deserve a raise, promotion, or more support.”

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Jenna Saponaro provides insight in expert roundup about One-on-One Meetings in Lattice

Postali’s Chief of Staff, Jenna Saponaro, provided insight on what the best questions are to ask during a one-on-one, which was included in the comprehensive list published by Lattice.

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Postali mentioned in SHRM article about Time-Off during the Holidays

Jenna Saponaro, Postali’s Chief of Staff, was quoted in a story published in SHRM titled, “Employers Give Employees the Gift of Time.”

In the article, Jenna shared how Postali encourages employees to take time off since it’s important for their mental health.

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Elizabeth Paparone quoted in G2 article about Website Migration

Elizabeth Paparone, a Web Developer at Postali, was quoted in a thorough guide published in G2 titled, “Website Migration Checklist: Your All-in-One Guide.”

In the article, Elizabeth noted, “When migrating a site, you need to assess how much of the process can be automated vs manual, if there’s going to be any plugins or previous site updates that will cause compatibility issues with the new website destination, and any other performance issues, which can include anything from site speed improvements to traffic capacity increases.”

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Postali authors article in Gator Free Thought about Web Design for Small Business

Postali recently authored an article for Gator Free Thought about the benefits of effective web design. The article shares three(3) fundamental tips that help potential customers find the information they need quickly and easily. The article was published on Nov. 24 and is titled “W 3 Effective Web Design Tips for Small Businesses To Use This Year.”

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Samuel Ballinger quoted in Built In article about Responsive Web Design

Postali’s Creative Director, Samuel Ballinger, was quoted in an article published in Built In titled, “12 Great Examples of Responsive Web Design.”

In the article, Samuel mentioned two(2) websites Postali developed for law firms: (1) Ashcroft Law Firm and (2) Bevilacqua PLLC. He noted how content prioritization creates a noteworthy user experience on both websites.

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