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The sky is the limit for marketing. You can achieve as much or as little as you desire. At Postali, we’re more resourceful than a swiss-army knife and can create a successful marketing campaign with little guidance. However, you’re not going to achieve your true potential if you’re not involved.

We know you’re busy, and your choice to hire a marketing team is a wise move. However, you’re the key to your success because you know your firm more than anyone. We believe there are many ways you can get the most out of your Postali team.

Keep Them in the Loop

Think about it. Would you have a thriving firm if you never spoke with your current team members? No way. That’s a recipe for confusion, leading to missed opportunities.

Consider your new marketing team as an extension of your core members. We want to hear your story and know what makes your firm special.

This isn’t our attempt to waste your time making small talk. This communication helps highlight opportunities and form your unique voice. So, don’t be shy. Share with us what makes you passionate about your firm. Think of communication as the oil that fuels your marketing machine.

Avoid Complacency

In business, there’s always a bigger fish, and you can’t afford to be stuck in your ways. When things are going up and to the right, it can be hard to fix what’s not broken. Not with digital marketing.

Digital marketing is ever-changing, and new tactics are becoming more prevalent as technology advances. If you don’t take this opportunity to test new ideas, your competitor will.  Look at what’s working and what’s not. Are your resources being delegated appropriately?

Expand Your Horizon

Your vision is essential. However, we offer wise counsel and want what’s best for you and the firm. So, leave room for new thoughts and allow us to collaborate on creating realistic goals.

We’ll assess your vision and look for opportunities to expand on or reduce entirely. Being married to a particular idea limits your potential and quenches the creative juices.

Are We Compatible?

At Postali, we work great with attorneys who adopt new digital technology and marketing tactics. Our best results come when firms meet with our team to review results and keep us updated on their business. We love collaborative, inquisitive lawyers who keep up with technology and aren’t afraid to invest in their website design.

Provide Clear Feedback

Nobody’s perfect, and everyone has opinions on web design and content. That’s good. This is your site, and you should be portrayed how you want. The first round of deliverables helps set the tone for the work you expect. If you don’t like what you see, call it out so we can make it right.

Don’t be afraid to explain why either. Hearing your reasoning helps us gauge your thoughts so we know what to avoid in the future.

Meet Consistently

Piggybacking off our first point on communication, meeting regularly to share results and new ideas helps streamline your firm’s progress. Also, we want to get to know you more.

The more time we have together, the more we can familiarize ourselves with your personality. This makes for content that sounds like you’re speaking directly to your clients, creating a unique user experience.

Let’s Make Some Moves

It’s hard to capitalize on every marketing opportunity. However, as your marketing support, it’s our job to let you know what could improve your firm. We may recommend that you solicit client reviews, participate in speaking engagements, or appear in media interviews. All of which will boost your results.

For you to have a best-in-class marketing plan, you must have collaboration and communication. Maximize your firm’s potential with a legal marketing team that’s focused on working with you to achieve the results you crave.

Are you looking to build a partnership with a marketing team? We’d love to see if Postali is the right fit. Contact us today.


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