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When you hear about the voice of a brand, you might think of a memorable catchphrase, a company’s core values, or a witty back-and-forth on their Twitter account. The truth is, however, that a strong brand identity envelops every part of a customer’s experience – and tells relevant stories potential consumers can connect to. In terms of storytelling for attorneys, you need to take a potential client’s feelings into account. What legal issues are they facing? What are they hoping to get out of visiting your firm’s website and how will you reach them?

Defining your law firm’s brand begins with a robust content strategy and writing schedule. Your content should exhibit your firm’s experience, industry-specific knowledge, level of client service, and ability to obtain desired results. This is accomplished with well researched static content, combined with fresh pages/blog posts that tell your client’s story. With a site that speaks to potential clients directly, you are showing them the difference between you and your competitors, and why you are the right attorney for them.

At Postali, we help attorneys develop their voice, so it can be shared through their overall marketing strategy.

Tell Your Clients’ Stories

When writing the content for your website, it’s important to remember that potential clients want to know as quickly as possible if you’re the right fit for them. Instead of pages filled with long sections of text and dense statutes, consider using a second-person point of view that address their immediate concerns. This inserts the potential client into the content right away because if they are invested in the content, they may invest in you. For example, if you’re writing a blog about car accident FAQs, you might consider beginning with:

“Following a car crash, your mind will be moving a mile a minute, and several questions are probably circling through your head. ‘Am I injured,’ ‘how are my passengers,’ ‘what sort of damage did this collision do to my car,’ and ‘will I need to miss work’ are just a few concerns you’re working through while dealing with the immediate aftermath of a crash. Instead of letting these anxieties fester, reach out to an experienced personal injury attorney who has experience dealing with these types of accidents. A lawyer at our firm will deal with the paperwork, phone calls, and insurance companies while you focus on the most important thing – your health and recovery.”

When a client visits your firm’s website, they’re interested in several pieces of information: whether or not you can help them, what they might have to deal with if they pursue a case, and other issues relevant to their needs. The main thread here is that they’re looking for content that speaks to them, that tells their story. By writing pages and blogs that focus on a client’s needs and thought processes during any given legal matter, you’re creating a voice for your firm that says, “we are here for YOU, and ready to help.”

Stand Out in a Saturated Market

There are numerous law firms and attorneys that practice the same type of law that you do – perhaps even in your geographic area. In such a competitive market, how can your website and its content stand out? By telling a story, rather than focusing on repeated use of keywords, and dense legalese many readers won’t understand.

When you engage in storytelling through your law firm content, you’re showing potential clients that you’re different. One way Lawyerist suggests doing this is on the practice areas section (or page) of your site. While some firms might list their practice areas in bullet point format, it might be useful to add a personal twist to this content. Why do you and your team enjoy practicing a specific area of law? Perhaps a family member or loved one was seriously injured in a personal injury accident, and you saw how they struggled with navigating life after their crash – and this motivated you to make the process easier for injury victims like them.

When you add a personal touch to your content – albeit even a brief one – you set yourself apart from your competitors.

Lawyers as Storytellers

From initial case consultations, to mediations, to trial, lawyers tell stories every day. To do this effectively, you should understand your clients’ needs, relate to the potential penalties they are facing, or how they might move on following a personal injury accident. You are already working to convince prosecutors, judges, juries, insurance companies, and other parties to secure the best possible outcome in any given case. Your website’s content should be an extension of that effort, and reflect what you bring to the table.

Storytelling Tips for Your Law Firm Content

Here are some things to consider when writing content for your law firm’s website:

  • Tell your client’s story first – it’s vital to understand their problem(s), but to keep the focus on them as a person.
  • Mention your credentials/experience, but don’t let that overshadow how you can help a client.
  • Attempt a six-word strategy in coming up with themes for your content.
  • Use active verbs, and avoid passive voice.
  • Avoid using “the defendant” or similar terms.
  • Use second-person POV as much as possible.
  • Strike a balance between professional and approachable with your tone.
  • Make sure the most important information is listed first.

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