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Lawyerist Best law firm awards
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What’s better than one of our sites being named a Best Law Firm Website of 2023 by Lawyerist? Landing two on the list. The competition is always tight, with over 110 sites submitted worldwide for the 2023 contest. Sites are evaluated on performance, accessibility, branding, marketing, and technical SEO.

Lawyerist selected our designs for Biller & Kimble and Nursing Home Justice as winners this year. We caught up with a few of our team members to talk through what made these sites special.

Biller & Kimble: Elevating the Brand to Maximize Engagement

Biller & Kimble is a wage and hour law firm in Cincinnati, Ohio. Since much of the firm’s practice focuses on fighting for victims of labor violations, they wanted a site that was easy to use and invited users who might have a case to reach out to the team. Lawyerist highlighted the site’s multiple methods of contacting the firm and complimented its “specific and robust” SEO strategy. Our creative director, Sam Ballinger, thinks what set this site’s design apart is how Postali took the firm’s existing brand to the next level and put a fresh spin on it.

“The client knew what they wanted [from a brand perspective], so we were able to get to work faster nailing it down and adding details to elevate the concept,” Ballinger said. “We captured how the client spoke with concise, digestible content and added transparency with sections on the firm’s payment structure and their active cases.”

Our SEO director, Ryan Duffy, gave some insight into how the site’s structure and keyword optimization drive leads and captures conversions.

“The SEO strategy is specific in the sense that the site architecture captures authority within the space [of wage and hour law], and it’s robust in the sense that the keywords feed into that authority around transactional terms.” Overall, we think Biller & Kimble’s site perfectly reflects who they are — the “anti-lawyer lawyers” with a client-centered approach.

Nursing Home Justice: Balancing Informative Content with Good UX

Nursing Home Justice, based in Denver, Colorado, represents victims of nursing home abuse and neglect. The serious subject matter of this area of law called for lots of long-form informational content to explain warning signs of abuse and help victims and their families understand their legal options.

The type of content required presented a challenge for the design team to deliver a good user experience, ensuring users could easily navigate pages and see a clear path to contact the firm. Lawyerist showed some love for what the team came up with, praising the site’s design and how it “gets to the point quickly and highlights (literally) where it wants users to look.”

Ballinger expanded on the site’s graphic design elements: “[the site] provides several visual cues to guide users on the page like small tables of content and pops of yellow highlighted text that link to related pages.”

Ballinger also believes the site is outstanding in its incorporation of infographics and other imagery.

“Infographics are common on pages throughout the site, strategically placed so that they break up content and summarize it in a more engaging visual format. The stock photos used were also chosen intentionally; I think they elicit an emotional reaction without being over-the-top or shocking.”

Nursing Home Justice’s site has another unique feature to drive conversions — its qualification tool. The simple five-question form directs potential clients to provide basic information about what they experienced and submit to the firm for response. On the whole, we think the site has a cohesive brand that instills a sense of sincerity and opportunity for users to seek justice if their loved one suffered harm.

The Common Denominator: Postali’s Law Firm Web Design Know-How

Biller & Kimble and Nursing Home Justice couldn’t be more different in their practice areas, site architecture, and design. The sites were awarded for distinct reasons, but they have one thing in common: Postali made them.

Your law firm’s website is your chance to make an impression on potential clients and bring in new business. Fortunately, law firm web design is our specialty. We’ll work closely with you to bring your brand and vision to life. Ready to get started? Let’s talk.


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