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When a client comes to your law firm’s website, it’s usually because he or she has a legal problem and is looking for a solution. Your audience might be comprised of people who are experiencing the legal problem themselves, or close friends or family members trying to help a loved one who is in a jam.

There are a few ways that your site can work to convince that potential client that you’re the right lawyer to handle their situation. I’ve written previously about why quality content is important and how a good lawyer bio page can work for you. Another important piece of your site that helps tell your story is your legal blog.

A blog is composed of content that is dynamic and changes regularly. By having new content cycle through, you can bolster your site’s search rankings, or help keep your site from dropping in search rankings.

But maintaining a legal blog isn’t just about a constant parade of fresh content. Again, the quality and relevance of the content matters. Your blog is a place where you can dive more deeply into particular topics of interest to your practice and your potential clientele and demonstrate that you keep up with the latest trends, news, and developments in your practice area. Blog content can be timely — such as an analysis of a new U.S. Supreme Court opinion — or evergreen — such as offering tips that will always be useful to someone facing the kinds of legal matters you handle.

In terms of client development, your blog offers you a chance to further refine the story about your legal practice that’s told throughout your website. Your bio page tells potential clients something about your experience and about you as a person, and your static practice area pages show how you’ve chosen to focus your knowledge and practice of the law. Your blog takes your narrative a step further and allows you to demonstrate your intellectual curiosity and your passion for your area of practice — the kind of passion you’ll put to work for your firm’s clients.

At Postali, we work with our attorney clients to write and curate interesting, engaging content for their legal blogs that can show their zest for the area of law they’ve chosen as a specialty, but also that allows them to become thought leaders in their fields by being sources of comprehensive and timely information.


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