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Posted On: By Chris Thornton

We see a lot of legal websites at Postali. It’s fair to say we know a thing or two about what goes into making a great website. But for every site we create, we see hundreds online making the same, simple mistakes that are crushing their chances at success.

Some of the most common mistakes we see when looking at attorney websites include:

1. Your Site is Not Optimized for Mobile Devices

Comparison of a site that is optimized for mobile vs. one that is not

In 2007, the iPhone was born, kicking off the mobile internet dominance that we now live in today. Mobile devices account for approximately 50% of all web traffic worldwide, and Google is paying attention. In 2018, Google rolled out Mobile-First Indexing. This means that Google uses the mobile version of a page for indexing and rankings to help users find what they’re looking for.

If your law firm’s website isn’t mobile-friendly, you’re missing out on tons of potential clients.

2. Your Content is Thin

Comparison of a site with thin vs. thick content

When we say your content is thin, we mean it’s lacking – typically in more ways than one. Content should start with a strategy built around keyword research and understanding your potential client’s search intent. If you don’t understand your audience, your content isn’t going to hit its mark.

In addition to that, if your law firm’s website content too short, you’re never going to help the searcher accomplish their task. And if you can’t help them, Google has no reason to show them your content.

In order for content to be effective, it must be high quality, thorough, and on topic. The average word count of a Google first page result is 1,890 words. This length of content is almost guaranteed to be more thorough, plus it gives Google a better understanding of the topic and shows you know what you’re writing about.

3. Your Site Doesn’t Set You Apart From the Competition

Comparison of a site that doesn't set itself apart from the competition vs. one that does

Are you a member of the Million Dollar Advocates? So are thousands of other attorneys. Do you have awards? So does the firm downstairs. So, what makes you different from the other firms in town? That difference can be the game-changer when it comes to clients calling you versus the competition.

4. No Call to Action

Comparison of a site with a site that has no call to action vs. one that does

When someone visits your site, how do they contact you? Do they click on the contact page, scroll down to the form, fill it out, and wait for you to call back? We live in a world of instant gratification. People want the path of least resistance; they want a response, and they want it now. A single page with a contact form isn’t enough anymore.

Having a prominent call to action (CTA) that’s easily available to your potential client is crucial to your success. People make a decision to contact your firm in a split second. As such, you need to be there, on every page, available to connect with them. Having a single CTA on your contact page is a roadblock to converting traffic to leads.

Another great CTA that increases conversions is on-site chat.

5. Ignoring Custom Video and Photography

Comparison of a site with custom photography vs. one that has none

Not only does video have positive SEO benefits, it also helps tell your law firm’s story. It gives potential clients a chance to get to know and your firm, which goes a long way in building trust and earning their business. The same can be said for custom photography.

And you don’t need a Hollywood-level production. A simple video or two highlighting your firm’s unique value proposition, headshots of each attorney, and some candid personality and office shots will make your firm stand out. It will also convey to your clients that you’re professional, approachable, and ready to fight for their rights.

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Hopefully, you’re not making these mistakes. Marketing usually isn’t something covered in those books you spent hours reading during law school, so don’t beat yourself up if you stumble as you navigate web marketing for your firm. It takes time, knowledge of digital marketing, and experience to create a truly great website.

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