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Every year, dozens of legal conferences take place with law firm marketing teams and marketing-savvy lawyers in mind. At these events, professionals gather to expand their knowledge and discuss cutting-edge trends and technology. Programs like inspiring keynote speeches, educational workshops, and insightful panel discussions offer many opportunities to learn, ideate, and collaborate. 

We’re excited to recommend eight industry conferences for law firm marketers to attend in 2024. The following events will allow marketing teams to discover emerging strategies and connect with prominent industry experts. Although not every conference is below specifically marketing-focused, they still offer programming suitable for legal marketers. 


ABA Techshow | February 14-17

The 2024 American Bar Association (ABA) Techshow in the Windy City of Chicago, Illinois, is where lawyers, legal professionals, and technology collide. Specifically, the event will explore technology’s ever-expanding role in law firms. Featuring lively discussions, attendees will hear about tech’s ability to transform the way legal professionals operate. 2024’s show will educate attendees on the most useful and practical technologies available today for law firms. Notable sessions for marketers take a tech-forward approach, covering topics like SEO, social media, and branding.


Legal Marketing Association 2024 | April 3-5

The Legal Marketing Association’s Annual Conference (LMA24) is taking place in sunny San Diego, California, and is the industry’s largest global meeting for legal marketing and business development professionals. Now in its 38th year, LMA24 is a must-attend event with programming curated just for law firm marketing teams. It will offer key strategies, educational tips, and best practices for firm marketing teams to differentiate their practices in 2024. 


Legal Up | April 24-25

Launched in 2018, Legal Up was created to help legal professionals advance the trajectory of their career growth. 2024’s virtual event aims to equip attendees with trendsetting insights, motivating case studies, and continuing education opportunities that will leave a lasting impression. Legal marketing and business development professionals alike are invited to attend Legal Up to explore innovative ways to approach their day-to-day challenges. Attendees can also expect to be entertained and inspired through an engaging program about the ever-changing field of law. 


LSSO RainDance | June 5-6

Legal Sales and Service Organization (LSSO)’s annual RainDance event in Boston, Massachusets, has a reputation for innovation and insight in the legal industry. 2024’s event will offer attendees top-tier content specifically focused on client acquisition and organizational growth. In a break with tradition, this year’s action-packed agenda will feature LSSO’s version of TED Talks in 20-minute increments. Between sessions, attendees will have the chance to connect on their shared experiences related to topics discussed at the show.


ILTACON | August 11-15

ILTACON, put on annually by the International Legal Technology Association (ILTA), is the industry’s premier education and networking event for the legal sector. This year’s event in Nashville will feature panel discussions, hands-on training, and attendee-driven sessions. Legal marketing professionals will learn more about relevant technology, such as artificial intelligence at the conference. The event will also provide a platform for attendees to explore best practices and innovative marketing strategies for the year ahead.

ClioCon 2024 | October 7-8

ClioCon 2024, or the Clio Cloud Conference, is happening in cutting-edge Austin, Texas, and promises to be the biggest legal event of the year. It’s a chance for legal professionals, thought leaders, and experts to join forces and explore the industry’s latest trends. ClioCon 2024 attendees can participate in actionable workshops, many of which are focused on marketing and business growth. During these sessions, they’ll collaborate on ideas to overcome the industry’s most compelling challenges.


Law Firm Marketing Summit 2024 | Dates TBD

The 9th annual Law Firm Marketing Summit takes place in 2024, with the exact dates and location to be announced soon. 2023’s event in London allowed attendees to explore current challenges facing today’s legal community. Particularly, it discussed important updates as legal marketing undergoes an unprecedented era of change. This year’s program provides attendees with a solid framework to build upon, covering many topics relevant to legal marketers. Sessions will cover everything from crisis management to branding and positioning.


Industry conferences help lawyers and legal marketing teams grow

As we kick off 2024, it’s important for law firms to stay up-to-date on the latest legal marketing and technology trends. The conferences listed above offer an excellent opportunity to do just that. No matter which ones you attend, we hope you return to work with innovative strategies for your firm.

We hope to see you at a conference in 2024!


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