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Now that we’ve Listened, Researched, Strategized, Planned, Executed, and Analyzed every aspect of your marketing plan, we’re ready for the last step in the Postali Way – Communicate.

Postali puts a lot of value on keeping you informed. Quality reporting is essential to tracking KPIs and making sure you are investing in the right efforts. So getting answers about your marketing campaigns should go further than touch-base emails or month-end reports with vague data and little context.

That’s why Postali communicates openly and often, so you know what happened, what’s happening now, and what comes next?

We Customize Client Interaction

We tailor our communications based on client need with clear points of contact, fast responses to any outreach, and a commitment to keep you in the loop on the off chance we don’t have the answer right away.

If you respond better to calls later in the day because you’re usually in court all morning, we’ll take note, and schedule times that work. Then again, if emails or texts you can read between appointments about how your campaign is doing work better, we’ll get you the data that way.

Postali also doesn’t leave you waiting until the end of the month if you’re looking for information about your website’s performance. In addition to regular updates and progress reports, you’ll get an individual client login to our interactive reporting platform. This gives clients instant access to what they need, whenever they want.

What Quality Communication Looks Like

Postali looks forward to talking to our clients and is excited to share what we accomplished. We certainly never want you guessing or confused about what our services rendered.

When we talk about client communication, you can expect

Full Transparency

We don’t skip over underperforming results and simply highlight the wins.

You can expect an honest and direct reporting when it comes to the results we achieve. We’ll tell you when we hit benchmarks, where we fell short, and why. Then we’ll offer ways to adjust or capitalize on new opportunities.

No Vanity Metrics

As we mentioned in Part 6: Analyze, we gather a large pool of data with our marketing efforts. That said – we understand you have a busy schedule, so there won’t be endless spreadsheets of things you don’t care about for you to interpret. We’ll spotlight the metrics that have meaning to your firm so you get an accurate picture of where you stand.

Clear, Contextual Delivery

We won’t bog you down with pages of data or wavering interpretations. We take pride in delivering analysis that is to-the-point and easily understood. You can also expect a member of Postali to walk you through the report, so you can ask questions and engage in a meaningful exchange.

We Keep the Conversation Going

Staying abreast of your marketing endeavors is critical to a law firm reaching its goals. Fortunately for you, Postali loves to chat about legal marketing.

Effective communication keeps you cognizant of the ROI and focused on the work yet to be done. It is also important to identify new opportunities. So by keeping the dialogue open, honest, and clear, we come full circle in the Postali Way, where we Listen, Research, Strategize, Plan, Execute, Analyze and Communicate additional ways to grow your firm.

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