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Posted On: By John Sickmeyer

Dear valued clients and partners,

In this time of such uncertainty, we want to let all of our clients and partners know that we are open for business and here to help. We’ve reached out and have heard back from many of you, and we are very encouraged by the collective spirit we’re experiencing. The overwhelming thread through these conversations has been; we’re in this together and we’ll get through this together.

In a strange way, this is a time that brings us closer, even though we are physically distant. I am seeing everyone on our team at Postali rise to the occasion, offer every bit of energy and assistance they can to make sure our clients, and their clients, are ready, operational and continue to move forward.

Here’s what we can do to help

Your firm’s operations must continue. This means your employees need to be able to work, take calls and email from home. We can help your firm by adjusting how your calls are being routed and by incorporating a call center when you are not available if you haven’t already done so.

On a weekly basis, we will be emailing you with an update of our perspective on the situation and on the state of marketing for your law firm. We will also include additional information to help our clients, partners & friends be more proactive and more connected through this circumstance.

Full steam ahead, with enhanced attention and empathy:

We will conduct our business as usual but are ensuring that the content we prepare and publish for your firm is sensitive to the situation, both locally and nationally. You have seen this already in the client notice that we’ve published for your website. You can expect this type of attention to be applied to all of your content moving forward.

This is also a time when your firm will be able to gain against your competitors, both now and after the current situation passes. Those who perform their own marketing efforts or who may rely on networking and referral relationships will see a meaningful change in conversions. Your marketing team at Postali is operating at full capacity, and now is the time for your firm to pull away from the competition.

Stay Vigilant:

We are seeing an uptick in spam calls and emails contacting attorneys and staff claiming to have something to do with Google, the unemployment office & the IRS. This is a time where scammers will change their tactics to capitalize on your vulnerability.

Please do not respond to these attempts to gain access to your accounts. If there’s any doubt at all about the legitimacy of a particular communication, please forward it to us.

State of Law Firm Marketing:

We are monitoring search result trends closely. There was a drop in search demand for lawyers that began last Monday (3/16) which is expected as people are focused on their families and jobs. This drop is not off a cliff to zero, and there is still demand.

While your competitors will be pulling out of paid search out of the fear that this uncertainty creates, costs will come down and there is an opportunity to gain new clients at a lower price. This is not the time to panic and pull out of your marketing campaigns.

The short-term effect of this crisis is going to be limited for law firms, but the long term is unknown. But one thing is certain, the companies who weather this storm the most effectively will have the most to gain in the long run.

We are here with you, we stand with you, and we will get through this together.

Stay safe and be well,

John Sickmeyer


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