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Direct Mail for Attorneys – Does it Still Work?

When done right, it definitely can. According to the 2017 Data & Marketing Association Response Rate Report, direct mail reported the highest response rate since 2003, with a rate much higher than email, paid search, online display, and social media.

Whether your firm practices criminal defense, bankruptcy, personal injury, family law, or anything in between, direct mail can be a great way to reach potential clients in a highly-targeted and straight-forward way.

How can direct mail work for your law firm? Here’s what you need to know:

Timeliness is key.
The second a case is entered in a database, it’s only a matter of time before your competitors get their letter out the door. This is especially true for situations involving criminal and traffic matters. Having an automated system scraping court data hourly and mailing daily will greatly improve your response rate.

Accuracy and efficiency go hand-in-hand.
You’ll never be able to eliminate returned mail, but ensuring you’re getting the most accurate address will make your direct mail campaign much more efficient. The ability to verify each address will cut down on returned mail, wasted money, and headaches.

Personalization is equally important in the process.
People are more likely to open mail that feels personal to them. When letters and envelopes are designed and customized – not just a single page of text – the likelihood of getting a response is much greater.

The call back is just the beginning.
The goal is to receive a call back and to get hired, but what happens if you aren’t available to talk when the call comes through? More often than not, if someone is greeted by a voicemail, they’ll hang up and call someone else. Having a call center serve as a safety net to pick up when you can’t will increase conversions and ensure you never miss a lead.

Proactivity is crucial.
You can’t just sit back and expect to hire 10 new clients a day. You need to be actively involved in your marketing. It’s important to track the effectiveness of the campaign, and to adjust when necessary.

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