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When we discuss advertising strategies with attorneys, the topic of ethics is almost always addressed. The world of legal marketing is always changing, and we find that many lawyers have questions about which advertising tactics are permissible.

Many attorneys even view these guidelines as a roadblock, as the list of rules can be overwhelming and unclear. But they don’t have to limit your firm’s business development efforts. At Postali, we can help create effective marketing strategies that comply with ethical guidelines.

We take ethic seriously. It’s our responsibility to act in the best interest of each law firm we work with, which includes compliance with ABA Model Rules and any ethical guidelines set forth by your state’s bar association.

As a law firm, your business must operate differently than many other service-oriented businesses.

That means that your marketing strategy needs to be handled by someone with a firm grasp on attorney advertising ethics.

Postali works exclusively with law firms, which means we stay up-to-date on the legal advertising industry and ethical issues.

When you make decisions about your law firm’s business development strategy, it’s important that you are confident in your marketing partner’s ability to ensure all campaigns comply with ethical rules. Many non-specialized marketing agencies simply do not have the in-depth knowledge of ethics that is required to handle attorney advertising campaigns.

Knowing the ABA rules is not enough. Attorney marketing rules will vary state-by-state. At Postali, we work with law firms across the country and ensure each marketing campaign is in compliance. Whether it’s a direct mail campaign or digital marketing efforts, we focus on smart, results-driven marketing that brings your firm new business in an ethical way.

Digital Marketing Ethics

The growing popularity of online marketing for attorneys has raised many ethical issues. In general, any rule that applies to print advertising must also be adhered to in online advertising – especially in the areas of website content and photography.

We develop law firm websites and execute digital marketing strategies that highlight your firm’s unique story without violating any ethical guidelines. This means ensuring there are no misleading statements on your firm’s website and that disclaimers are available when they need to be. It also means knowing which types of statement must be avoided, such as claims that you are an “expert” in your field.

We have in-depth knowledge of emerging trends like website chatbots and how ethics apply to attorney social media marketing. We’ll also work with you to help you understand how your law firm can boost your online reputation with reviews without violating the ABA Model Rules or Google’s guidelines on this topic.

We’ll also help you understand any additional restrictions your state may have. For example, many states have rules around the types of photos that may be used in digital advertising. Some even require that all advertising, including e-mails, are reviewed by the state bar association.

At Postali, we pride ourselves in our in-depth knowledge of attorney advertising rules and our ability to create effective marketing strategies that do not violate the rules.

Direct Mail Marketing Ethics

There are many ethical issues surrounding solicitation of clients, especially when it comes to attorney direct mail. At Postali, we have a decade of experience creating direct mail marketing campaigns for law firms across the country.

We walk attorneys through all of the guidelines of direct mail marketing ethics, including requirements on font size and what disclaimers need to appear on envelopes. We operate direct mail campaigns across the country and will handle every aspect of your campaign, ensuring your letters are effective and comply with ABA and state bar association rules.

Adapting to Changes

As an attorney, you know that the emergence of new technology can create changes in ethical rules. That means it’s important to be able to adapt. Many law firms we talk to do not have the ability to easily update their website. This leaves your firm at risk if there are any changes to ethical guidelines.

At Postali, we offer the flexibility and agility that attorneys need.

Advertising ethics for attorneys continues to evolve. If a rule is modified that affects your marketing, we can adapt quickly and make any needed changes to your direct mail or website campaigns quickly.


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