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Successfully marketing a law firm requires many moving parts. Whether you’re a firm owner, managing partner, or marketing director, you know your digital marketing efforts — from overall strategy to the intricate details of your site’s design — must be on point if you want to stand out from the competition. You might rely on a team of in-house marketers, freelancers, or just yourself for marketing, but if you haven’t considered the value of hiring an agency, it might be worth your while.

Even the most efficient legal marketing teams can get overwhelmed when unexpected marketing needs pop up. Or, if marketing isn’t your full-time responsibility, you might feel swamped trying to balance it while wearing many other hats. Partnering with an agency can free up your team for work better suited to be completed in-house, like promoting events and conferences, social media content, and more. Here are some of the biggest ways a marketing agency can support your law firm to benefit your growth.

Fresh Angles on Web Design and Development

Nobody knows your business better than you. But it’s harder than you think to keep your web strategy fresh, and it can be challenging to translate all your ideas into actionable work to bring your vision to life.

Having an outside perspective on your firm’s branding and strategy can expose new ideas and tactics you’ve never considered. You can also lean on an agency’s past experience to better understand what works and what doesn’t when it comes to digital marketing.

Even with well-rounded internal marketing, your firm can benefit greatly from working with an agency that specializes in law firm websites. Many legal marketing agencies – like Postali – can revamp your firm’s website with branding, design, development, content writing, and quality assurance. The right agency will do all of this while prioritizing user experience and search engine optimization, taking the biggest share of the workload off your shoulders and providing ongoing management where you need support.

When working with a legal marketing agency, you’ll be involved during every step of the way and have the final say in what happens with your firm’s website. With the expertise an agency brings, you’ll ensure your website not only meets industry standards, but exceeds them.

Forward-Thinking SEO Strategy and Effective Execution

Search engine optimization is an ever-changing aspect of the digital marketing world; one your team might not have the time or resources to devote to monitoring. Search engine optimization will position your law firm authoritatively and help it become more visible to potential clients when they are searching for legal services. Getting your website to the top of the first page on Google search is time-consuming, and getting results takes time. That’s why it might be better to work with an agency that stays up to date with the latest trends and can adapt quickly to Google’s algorithmic changes.

SEO is execution-heavy work; an agency can be your boots on the ground in this area. Your in-house team can be as involved or hands-off as they wish, and an agency can measure your performance and revisit optimization strategies regularly to make sure your rankings stay where you’d like them to be.

Tailored Ads Support

Much like SEO, your ads strategy will likely change over time to meet your business needs as you grow. Maybe you’re ready to invest more in pay-per-click (PPC) ads but can’t dedicate the time to learn the ins and outs of Google Ads Manager and manage your bids on relevant search terms. Or you’re looking to set up local service ads (LSAs) but aren’t sure how.

The scope of digital ad campaigns can be enormous, and it’s not uncommon for firms to employ dedicated digital ad specialists. If you aren’t ready to grow or train your current in-house team, an agency might be just what you need to manage your PPC, LSA, and paid social ads. An agency can optimize campaigns for maximum ROI, track performance, and adjust accordingly.

Getting the Most from an In-House Team + Agency Relationship

If you’ve decided it’s time to hire an agency to complement your in-house marketing team, here are a few tips for effective collaboration between teams:

  • Clearly define roles and responsibilities. There shouldn’t be any doubt about who owns which parts of your marketing plan. Make the proper introductions between key players and ensure everyone is on the same page about your goals and what’s needed to achieve them.
  • Establish open communication channels. Clarify each team’s main points of contact and how communication should flow to keep work moving. Do you need standing virtual meetings to discuss progress? What’s the best way to get an answer to a question quickly? Keep an open dialogue and decide the best way to communicate.
  • Set clear goals and expectations. You might have big ideas to improve your marketing, but your objectives should be specific and measurable. Schedule check-ins to track progress and have a plan to get back on track if you hit roadblocks.
  • Foster a cooperative and respectful working relationship. Your law firm’s marketing team shouldn’t worry about losing their role to an outside agency. In fact, your in-house team and agency should act as extensions of one another, not competition. Ensure both sides understand they’re working toward the same goal: helping your practice succeed.

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