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Law firms who keep and expand remote functionalities have a post-pandemic marketing edge.

Cat filters aside, law firms who transitioned from in-person to on-line client services may want to keep their digital toolbox stocked and updated.

More Americans are receiving the Covid vaccine, courthouses are reopening, and life is returning to normal. However, what became a necessity in a pandemic – courthouse appearances and consultations via Zoom – is now a preference. Consumers like the convenience of digital, remote legal services. This preference will drive the legal industry accordingly.

Here’s our brief on how using tech beyond Covid helps savvy firms not just survive but thrive.

Clients Prefer Digital

Infographic details data from law clients

Give the people what they want!

The justice system will never be fully digital. Yet the silver lining of practicing law during Covid proved that remote functionalities work equally well or even better than traditional ones.

A 2020 Legal Trends Report from Clio, a cloud-based legal tech company, shows that:

  • Sixty-nine percent of clients want to work a lawyer with e-document capabilities.
  • More than 50 percent of clients believe that legal services can be conducted remotely.
  • Fifty-six percent of clients like video conferences more than phone calls.

From virtual consultations to electronic document exchanges, legal tech gives clients what they now expect from their lawyers.

The Trend of Commoditization Continues

Postali asked Darl Champion, a personal injury attorney in Georgia, to share his thoughts on the future of law and law firms.

Like many of our clients, The Champion Firm had to adopt quickly as more of a commodity based provider, a characteristic that is both beneficial and challenging.

“I think we’ll continue to see the increased commoditization of legal services,” said Mr. Champion. “I think this will lead to the attorney gig economy becoming even larger.”

Commoditization also presents a challenge: how to maintain branding and marketing if clients tend to think of law firms as more alike than unique.

Stand Out with Client-Centered Tech

Infographic details data from law clients

Tech beyond Covid means going the extra mile for client comfort and convenience.

While legal service as a commodity can be a boon for law firms who heed the virtual call, it can also be a marketing challenge.

Here are three suggestions for firms who want to stand out from the crowd:

  • Make it easier for clients to connect.
  • Make it easier for clients to pay.
  • Make it easier for clients to know you have the tech services they want.

Be There for Your Clients 24/7/365

Lawyers cannot work 24/7, but chat functions, websites, and live call centers can. Consumers typically gravitate toward law firms who can soothe their pain and get started on their case in a timely fashion. COVID lockdowns emphasized the need for empathy even in a virtual business environment.

Digital client intake does not have to be complex. Capture a prospect’s contact information via remote live chat or call, then follow up with a text, email, or phone call from a member of your team.

Offer Electronic Payments

Clio reports that 65 percent of clients prefer to pay using a secure online portal. Making it easier for clients to pay makes it more likely that they will pay.

Law firms with secure client portals collected about $24,000 more per lawyer than law firms without client portals. Those that used a combination of customer relationship management, online payments, and client portals secured 40 percent more revenue per lawyer.

Get the Word Out that You Are Tech Savvy

All indicators show that the post-Covid legal world will continue to rely on technology for legal and professional applications. That’s a good thing, according to Ed Walters, CEO and co-founder of Fastcase, a legal research company: “We have the opportunity…to “build the legal services and law firms of 2022, not rebuild what was broken in 2019.”

Law firms who retain and expand their remote capabilities after Covid are well-positioned for stability and success. With this pandemic thankfully receding into the rear view mirror, savvy law firms have the chance to plan with technology for practicing law and attracting more clients.


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