Ashcroft was founded by former US Attorney General and Senator John Ashcroft. With offices in Austin, TX; Boston, MA; Washington, DC; and Kansas City, MO, the Firm offers a unique perspective to national and international clients alike. The team includes former US Attorney Generals, senior Department of Justice officials, a Senior Advisor to the President of the United States, and more.

The Firm takes cases dealing with compliance advice, internal investigations, legal and consulting services to world-leading clients. Because they deal with sensitive topics, discretion is paramount, but that can make advertising difficult. Although they had been relying on their team members’ reputations to speak for themselves, the Firm believed a new site could better highlight the resources, expertise, and experience clients could receive by bringing their business to the Ashcroft Law Firm.


Our Process

The Firm asked for a site that would reflect their office culture: professional, staid, composed, but young. There was also an update on the logo, and the Firm’s name: trimming “Ashcroft Law Firm” to “Ashcroft.” The final design is a sleek, toned site with messaging that affirms the team’s portfolio and experience.


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Website Design

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