With two offices in Ohio, Biller & Kimble, LLC, is a law firm dedicated to helping the “little guy” face the establishment. Self-described as the “anti-lawyer lawyers,” the firm focuses on employment litigation with a niche in pizza delivery cases. As lawyers pursuing compliance from their clients’ employers, they were seeking to reach wage earners or restaurant employees. The firm wanted to keep much of its old website in the new design, so Postali found a way to accent their style.

Our Process

Postali worked to help freshen the site’s old website, keeping their logo and most of the colors the same, but opting to find a design and content that fit a statewide drive for customers. The new site has facilitated the firm’s push for any nationwide cases, looking at class- or mass-action cases, while stressing the firm’s effectiveness in getting results for their clients.


Services Provided

Website Design


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