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Creating custom features for your law firm’s website isn’t always easy. But the more you do it – the more you learn. And Postali developers love to learn.

By keeping up with current web and software trends, our team is always ready to put them into action.

Your Site Looks Good, But What’s It Do?

Lawyers already know that prospective clients are looking for help online like never before. So having a visually appealing website is a given.

But it needs to do more. Does your website make their search easier, answer their questions, or connect them with the best attorney faster? Nowadays, being timely, relevant, and available is just as important as looking good. This means considering things like functionality, user experience, and the ability to engage users quickly.

To put it another way, you need to get information to your clients faster and clearer. It also means offering a direct way to make contact.

Luckily – our developers recently executed some impressive web features that help firms do exactly that.

What COVID Taught Us About Web Banners

When the Coronavirus closed courts around the country, sites needed to keep visitors as up to date as possible. If someone had business pending or needed legal help, they were looking for your availability and what you were capable of doing for them.

To accomplish this, our developers added sweeping banner ads across virtually all of our legal client websites. As a straightforward software plugin, this can happen fast, delivering an advisory notice across any page with helpful information, like the one below:

Banners Do A Lot

From a technical standpoint, adding banner ad capability wasn’t hard for our full-stack developers, and it has tremendous upside.

The content is customizable depending on the firm or situation. During the pandemic, we included things like their updated hours of operation, basic court closure info, and remote capabilities. And voilà, your site effortlessly gives visitors exactly what they expected – no matter what page they landed on. They also got the added reassurance of knowing you’re available to help.

For some law firms, we also chose to highlight services that set them apart. Given the circumstances, we emphasized the ability to meet virtually via Zoom, e-document filing, and promoted other ways firms adapted to stay connected with existing or future clients.

Outside of pandemics, this basic website add-on lets you communicate updates quickly, easily, and showcases a firm’s effectiveness in all sorts of minute marketing environments.

Custom Landing Pages for Rapid Ad Campaigns

Another way to make your site nimble is with custom-built landing pages. This goes further than visually appealing templates that capture the user’s attention. These are the practical web development capabilities that go deeper, making your site actually useful to clients. And if considered early-on, this level of functionality can make quality impressions faster and capture more prospective case types.

For example, our web developers recently rolled out a custom categorization feature for a national law practice, who knew they wanted to execute highly-targeted ad campaigns across the county. Initially, this posed some challenges because addressing certain variables as they arose would lead to costly delays and missed chances.

So our developers focused on ways to make deployment faster and user-friendly. In the end, we created landing page templates that let the firm swap out info as needed for ads that would go live at a moment’s notice without complicated coding.

Glitches Cost You Impressions

While the look was basic, the page’s skeletal appearance was definitely by the developers’ design.

It gave the attorneys direct access to a tailor-made text field so they could run ads directly relating to the situation. This can also be repeated whenever the firm becomes aware of new opportunities and without muddling in complex HTML.

Features like simple category selections, easy text windows, and a pre-formatted design put the lawyers in total control of their ad campaign. Also knowing the importance of brand recognition in such campaigns, our developers did not sacrifice the quality of the website or diminish the firm’s brand identity, which is seen a lot with plug-and-play templates.

By taking ease of use, adaptability, and quick reaction into account during the development phase of the project, Postali created the tools to execute the firm’s long-term strategy repeatedly, and in any market.

Sites Developed to be Ready in the Moment

Web development is notoriously a thought-out and carefully considered practice, accounting for things like structure, load speed, longevity, and overall logic. But there are unseen elements that make sites agile to fluctuations and easy to operate.

But to be successful in the moment, you need to recognize when timely content is appropriate and how it is best delivered. That is where web tools and specialized features become essential. Our developers clearly demonstrated tremendous foresight in this regard, making them second to none when it comes to capturing the attention and connecting with people searching for an attorney.

Want to learn more? Contact Postali about what web features may benefit your firm.


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