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We are excited to share that one of our sites was chosen for Lawyerist’s list of Best Law Firm Websites for 2022. Lawyerist receives hundreds of nominations annually and picks the 10 best sites leading the way for legal industry website design. This year, our design for­­ The Champion Firm, a personal injury firm located in Marietta, Georgia, was selected.

For 2022, Lawyerists’s list focused on the trend of the client-centric experience. We sat down with our creative director Sam Ballinger to chat about how this applies to Champion’s site and the honor of making this year’s list.

Postali is no stranger to the Lawyerist Best Law Firm Websites List. What makes this year special?

We have been on the list a few times previously, but we were excited to see Champion’s site picked this year because it’s rare for personal injury sites to make the cut, so we knew we created something special. This year is a big deal for us since making the list not only puts eyes on Champion, but also creates more buzz for Postali.

How did you land on the concept for the site?

From the start, we knew we wanted a visually-driven design with concise content and a classic, simple color palette. We focused the overall look toward visual assets and contrast created through the imagery and content hierarchy — all those elements flow together to carry the design.

The firm was on board and really engaged in the design process. Not all clients are like that, but having Champion so hands-on throughout helped us create a final product we were all happy with.

People are prominent on the site. Was that a priority for the design?

Yes! We wanted to establish a personable element to Champion’s brand, and having the faces of real clients appear in areas like the client testimonials section helps communicate that.

The firm also invested in good quality photography which comes across as highly professional and polished. When clients are willing to go the extra mile with things like that, it makes a big difference in the final look of the site.

Headshots of people giving testimonials

Interactivity is another neat thread used throughout the site. How does that enhance the client experience?

The level of interactivity on the Champion site is unique compared to other sites we’ve done and especially in the practice area of personal injury. Our dev team spent a lot of time adding extra touches with hover states, expanding content blocks, and subtle animations to draw users down the page.

The interactive elements not only look nice, but they also aim to keep users on the site for longer and ultimately encourage people to contact the firm.

Scrolling effect of website

How do you make sure all those elements come across on mobile?

We know the majority of site visitors are using their phones, so we design with mobile in mind from the beginning. I’m constantly switching between desktop and mobile view in the design process to make sure the interactive elements are being carried over and still work for ease of navigation.

Mobile homepage of site

Apart from design, how did the team approach content?

Having a clear call to action front and center on the homepage was essential, but our content team added a lot of nuance in engaging, client-focused copy throughout the site. I think we struck a nice balance in the content positioning Champion as authoritative in the area of personal injury while still seeming approachable and accessible.

FAQ section of website

Anything else to add?

I’m proud of Postali for being recognized by Lawyerist for this site in particular — I can’t think of a better way to describe the project than collaborative. Every team played a part in bringing it together

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