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As a criminal defense attorney, you likely have questions about the effectiveness of direct mail marketing for traffic violations. Is it worth it? Will it be a profitable tactic for your law firm? Does it work?

At Postali, we create effective law firm direct mail campaigns for traffic violations. We have years of experience and know what it takes to ensure your mail campaigns are fast, accurate and successful.

Traffic ticket direct mail has a place in the strategy of many types of criminal practices. For a new law firm looking to grow, it’s an effective way to generate new cases almost immediately and build awareness for your law firm. For a large, established firm, it can be a low-cost way to bring in new revenue and boost your firm’s profits.

With traffic violations, every detail of your mail campaign matters. The timing of your letter, the type of envelope you use, the message you send and your intake process all contribute to how profitable your campaign is.

Why should I consider direct mail for traffic violations?

It can create a consistent revenue stream

Depending on your firm’s location, other types of criminal defense cases may fluctuate in volume or be subject to seasonality. This creates a sense of unpredictability for your law firm’s case load.

You never want to worry about having a slow month and how that may affect your law firm’s operations. Direct mail is a great way to ensure you are earning consistent revenue, as traffic violations tend to have both consistency and high volume.

Furthermore, it’s a low-effort revenue stream for you. Once your traffic ticket direct mail campaign is set up, it requires little effort on your part, other than to pick up the phone when defendants call. Many attorneys we work with focus their more concerted marketing efforts on other types of criminal cases, while the direct mail campaigns for traffic violations bring in new business almost on their own.

It gives you a competitive edge

Many attorneys tell us they have tried direct mail for traffic tickets and it hasn’t worked. That’s because they simply cannot adapt to the speed and accuracy that’s required.

Mailing for traffic cases takes a sophisticated operation. Not only do the letters need to have accurate name and address information, but they need to be in the defendant’s mailbox fast. Many law firms simply cannot keep up, so they either have a large amount of return mail or their letters do not arrive in time.

For these reasons, many law firms dismiss direct mail for traffic tickets, as they can’t find a way to do it profitably.

That means there is less competition. While your competitors give up, we can help you create an effective mail campaign and capture more cases.

Why Postali?

We know how to create the need

It’s true that many people who receive traffic violations will simply pay the fine and move on. However, we know firsthand that the right message will help people understand not just why they should hire a lawyer, but why they should hire you.

Your direct mail message for traffic violations needs to function a bit differently. With other types of criminal cases, the defendant doesn’t often question whether or not they need a lawyer. At Postali, we know how to craft a compelling message for traffic ticket mail campaigns to create the need and help educate defendants on all of the consequences of their traffic violation and how an attorney can help.

Our systems are fast and accurate

Traffic violation direct mail poses many challenges. The case volume is very large and there are more rigid timing constraints. Whereas some criminal defendants will spend more time researching their options for attorneys, someone dealing with a traffic violation is looking to get the matter resolved quickly. That means your letter needs to be in their mailbox not long after the violation occurred.

Many systems simply cannot keep up with the speed and maintain accuracy. In an effort to get letters mailed more quickly, address verification is overlooked, producing return mail and cutting into your bottom line.

Postali is different. We offer a best-in-class system that ensures your letters are timely without sacrificing accuracy.

We don’t stop when the letter is mailed

For traffic violations, the defendant is usually looking to solve their matter as quickly as possible. If they try to call your law firm and receive no answer, they’ll simply move on to the next law firm.

Our work doesn’t stop once your letter is mailed. With our direct mail campaigns, we’ll work with you to set up unique tracking numbers and a 24/7 answering service. This step is extremely important in ensuring that your traffic ticket campaigns are successful.

You don’t have to take our word for it. With a unique tracking number, we will be able to track how many new cases your direct mail campaigns are generating, so you’ll always understand what your return on investment is.


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