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A blog is a must for any law firm looking to rank well on Google. This type of content answers countless questions that potential clients are searching for and position you as a trusted source of information in your industry. But in today’s world of search engine optimization (SEO), a blog alone isn’t enough.

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Three significant opportunities you’re missing out on when blogging is your only focus include:

Link Building

Link building is the act of acquiring backlinks to your site from another. Google uses links to crawl your site, discover content, and crawl the links between sites.

It’s important to know that Google doesn’t just look at the content of a page, but also the number of links directed to your page, and the quality of the sites linking to yours. These links are a major factor in determining how well your page should rank.

You can think of links as votes of confidence (you may have even seen it referred to as link juice). This vote passes the value, equity, and confidence from one site to another. Essentially, by linking to your page, this site is vouching for you as valuable, trustworthy, and worth promoting. The more links pointing to your site, the fuller your bucket is with high-quality link juice.

Local SEO

Every SEO strategy needs to include a local component. How is local SEO different from organic SEO? If Google believes a search is local, they’ll display the map with local firms on top of the organic results.

With more and more searches coming from mobile phones every day, ranking locally is becoming crucial to directing potential clients to your site.

Local SEO involves Google My Business management; review and reputation management; citation building; name, address, and phone number management; and more.

The first thing you’ll want to claim is your Google My Business listing. Once you’ve done this, you’ll need to clean up any name, address, and phone number inconsistencies across the web. This helps avoid any confusion on Google’s end when crawling your site and the web for information about your firm.

The next item to consider is your reputation. Whether your firm has been around for 14 days or 14 years, your online reputation is more important now than ever before. With reviews on Google, Yelp, Avvo, and Facebook, people are looking at your firm under a magnifying glass. There’s a lot you can do to get old and new clients alike to leave a review, but beware – attempting to manipulate rankings by violating Google’s guidelines on review solicitation can result in your firm disappearing entirely from the local rankings.

Technical SEO

At Postali, we compare technical SEO to your car engine. Even with great content and an outstanding link profile, your site isn’t getting anywhere without quality technical work.

Google crawls websites with bots that are created to find, read, and understand your content. The better they can crawl your site, the better chances you have at ranking well. Building a well-designed and SEO friendly site ensures your content will be discovered, crawled, and indexed by search engines so they can display your content in their search results.

This includes things like encryption, improving page speed, having a fully optimized mobile site, creating an excellent user experience, and giving the bots a site map to navigate your site structure.

These are just three of many aspects of a well-rounded SEO strategy. You’ll read on all corners of the web that content is king, but content alone isn’t enough anymore. Great SEO requires more time, thought, and effort than ever. It’s a serious undertaking that requires a serious team of professionals to execute it properly.

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