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Quality content is the bread and butter of any digital marketing campaign. But content for your law firm’s site is more than just words on a page. It’s the meat of your website, and each part has a purpose. Whether that’s to rank well for search terms, convert potential clients, or highlight informational material, it all comes together for a compelling piece.

If you’re not engaging your audience, your competitor will. That’s why we recommend combining SEO best practices with design principles and putting it in the hands of a wordsmith to create compelling content for readers and search engines alike.

What Is Web Content?

Web content is everything on your site:

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Audio
  • Text, including headers, subheaders, and body copy
  • Live chat boxes
  • Press releases, media mentions, and awards
  • Blogs
  • Contact links to email, social media, external resources, or applications
  • Secure, encrypted client portals

Where poor content repels readers, quality content compels them to stay longer and contact your firm.

What Makes Quality Web Content?

Quality content is the goal, but how do you know what to include? We suggest you don’t publish content on your site until it checks the following boxes:

  • Creates a visual feast in layout, design, and colors
  • Communicates to readers with clear, concise copy
  • Establishes your firm as a thought leader with accurate, well-researched information
  • Conveys the proper tone and voice of the firm
  • Boosts your SEO rankings with terms and keywords users are searching
  • Makes your public relations and online presence more commanding

We utilize a funnel approach to ensure we’re on track with your legal marketing goals.

Top, Middle, Bottom: Funnel Content Marketing

Although we didn’t invent the concept of funnel content marketing, we excel at producing high-ranking, quality websites for our clients. Funnel marketing starts BIG. Your content should cast a wide net to catch as many readers as possible. That’s why your top-of-funnel content is all about awareness.

Top of Funnel

ToFu (not to be confused with the tasty meat alternative) content brings traffic to your website. We generate awareness using market-tested SEO keywords that reach the right audience.

Once readers arrive at your site, they’ll find engaging content addressing their problems or questions.

Attention-getting To-Fu content includes:

  • Landing pages
  • Informational pages that answer How-to/How-can questions (i.e., “how to find a lawyer in Dallas,” “how can I get compensated for my injuries”)
  • Videos
  • Blogs
  • Social media updates

Middle of Funnel

Middle-of-funnel content is the consideration stage, where readers learn how you could solve their problems. You must create content that shows you understand the user’s problem and have a solution.

MoFu content includes:

  • Practice area pages
  • Resource pages, including downloads like ebooks or white papers
  • Results (link to live examples or case study)
  • Case studies
  • Service pages
  • Webinars and events

MoFu content must be compelling enough for readers to reach the last phase: decision.

Bottom of Funnel

The ultimate goal of creating compelling content is to convert readers into cases for your firm. Bottom-of-funnel content prompts the audience to do just that: clicking or calling to schedule a free consultation.

Effective BoFu content includes:

  • Questionnaires or surveys
  • Contact pages
  • Offers
  • Client testimonials
  • Locations
  • Awards

BoFu content is highly transactional with a solid call to action. The CTA can link to live chat, a contact form, or a phone number for readers to call.

Beyond Conversion — Quality Content Keeps You Relevant

Quality content keeps your firm relevant in SEO rankings, website visitors, and clicks. You want your current clients to visit often and share links with friends and family.

Here is a quick recap about why quality over quantity is key when it comes to content:

  • Generates more targeted leads
  • Improves conversion rates
  • Builds trust with current and potential clients
  • Increases your social media presence
  • Establishes your firm as a thought leader
  • Encourages users to stay longer and visit more often
  • Boosts the emotional connection to your brand and reputation

Creating original quality content for law firms is our jam. Our award-winning websites rank highly in search engines. We help lawyers in multiple aspects of their practice, including call tracking & voice services, full-scale photo & video productionpress & media relationscontent marketing, SEO, and paid search marketing.

To learn more about our legal marketing services, reach out at or follow us @Postali.


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